The priority application deadline for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree was June 26th. The application for Fall 2024 will remain open until August 21st. Learn more about how to apply for the 2024-25 academic year!

Why Computer Science at Bellevue College?

Our program offers a comprehensive education in computer science that prepares you for success in a wide range of industries, including tech, finance, healthcare, and gaming. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science students will gain a strong foundation in mathematics, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory, in addition to practical application experience through a senior capstone design project.

A Trailblazing CS Program in Washington State

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Bellevue College is the first of Washington State’s community and technical colleges to offer a traditional, four-year Bachelor of Science degree. Our program has a proven track record of preparing students for a career in computer science through individualized support, relevant curriculum, and a focus on students’ job placement after graduation.

Since Winter 2017, Computer Science at Bellevue College has welcomed a new cohort of students annually.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Diagram illustrating the continuous improvement cycle. There are two cycles next to each other with one titled "Program Level" and the other titled "Course Level." Around each level are steps of the cycle labeled "Assess," "Reflect/Act," "Design," and "Implement. At the Program Level "Satisfaction Survey and Course Evaluations" are tied to the "Assess" step and "Student/Industry Advisory Board and Surveys" are tied to the "Design" step.

The Computer Science program is committed to maintaining relevant and impactful curriculum and teaching methodologies. We follow an assessment and continuous improvement cycle where we utilize tools like mid-quarter satisfaction surveys, course evaluations, and course assessment forms to incorporate students’ feedback into our program and courses. In addition, we meet regularly with our Student Advisory Board and Industry Advisory Board to discuss and design potential changes to our curriculum.

An Education That Prepares Students for the Real-World

A graphic describing the senior capstone experience. The text reads: "Three-quarter long project. One project, one team, and supervisor(s)." Three courses are listed on the left of the graphic: "CS481 Fall, CS482 Winter, CS483 Spring."

All graduates of our program participate in a senior capstone project that allows them to apply their technical knowledge to real-world scenarios. These projects prepare our students for a career in the fields of computer science and technology.

Through the BS in Computer Science program at Bellevue College, students can also earn academic credit for a qualifying internship or work experience. The Computer Science Co-Op/Practicum course (CS485) allows our students to gain professional experience alongside their studies, promoting a successful transition to their careers after graduation.

Individualized Experience at a Great Value

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BS in Computer Science student cohorts range in size from 24-90 students admitted annually, and our class sizes are no larger than 28 students. Our low student-to-faculty ratio allows us to provide individualized support to students, like 1:1 academic advising and career guidance from faculty members.

Additionally, students in the BS in Computer Science program at Bellevue College pay substantially less for their education than they would at a four-year university in the state of Washington.

Degrees Offered

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science is a 4-year, 180 credit program that prepares graduates to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the design of computer and software based systems of varying complexity. Admissions into the program occur annually in the Spring.

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Computer Science with an emphasis in Data Science from Bellevue College meets the critical and pervasive demand for rigorously trained computer science professionals specializing in Data Science. This degree program will prepare graduates to use mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence algorithms, scientific computing, and systems to analyze, design, and implement data-driven systems, enabling them to derive insights and solutions from complex datasets of varying size and complexity.

The Associate in Arts and Sciences (AAS) in Computer Science is a two-year, 90-credit degree that prepares students for transfer to a participating college or university with junior status. Students complete mostly general education requirements while also taking courses that cover the basic principles and practices needed to program and maintain computers and computer systems.

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